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About Tribal Flame Products

About Tribal Flame Products

Chocolate Tea, Body Butter And Candles

Our toxin-free creations are lovingly made in support of local and global farming communities and their quest to preserve the gifts of mother nature through natural growing methods. Everything we create is with you in mind, to support a healthier version of… well, you! Tribal Flame is sensory delight with peace of mind – every detail that goes into making and packaging our products is crafted with conscience, respect and care for nature.

Chocolate Tea

What on earth is chocolate tea? Sounds like a strange combination, and initially we thought so too – we’ve seen facial expressions ranging from mildly puzzled to pure delirium in response to people’s first exposure to the idea! Believe us, it’s divine.
Our teas are made from pure, 100% natural and organic cacao husks (certified where possible) and are a sublimely delicious way to get your chocolate fix without the guilt.
They’re packed with flavour and all of the benefits of raw cacao:
• Caffeine free
• Sugar free
• Vegan
• Magnesium rich
• Ethically sourced
• High in fibre
• Bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
Our flavoured blends also contain pure, organic, toxin free products. There’s more information about Tribal Flame’s ingredients and ethical sourcing on our tea page.
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Body Butter

Our cacao body butter is 100% pure organic cacao butter, which is simply the oil from the cacao bean. It holds so many of the beneficial properties of cacao, and when you use it on the skin, it’s deeply nourishing and holds some incredible healing powers. The bioactive constituents of the cocoa plant include numerous antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals.
Take a closer look at some of the benefits of cacao butter:
• Contains polyphenols which improves skin tone and boosts collagen and elasticity
• Packed full of protective antioxidants
• Supports and heals the most sensitive and irritated skins
• Deeply moisturising and hydrating
• Gives a level of SPF protection (this is not an SPF, however, the fat from the cacao bean will give you a beautiful layer of protection from the sun during short periods of sun exposure)
• Helps with eczema, psoriasis and sore skin
• Has been known to improve stretch marks and scarring
• We like to think of it as the ‘super hero’ butter! It can be used all over. Perfect for face, body, lips and even as a beard balm.


Flame candles are made from pure essential oils, eco certified soy wax and wooden wicks. They’re as natural as they come! Fragrances and perfumes are some of the most understated neurotoxins in our homes and products and we felt we just had to provide another healthy alternative to the candle world. Candles are in almost every home in the country, and the impact they’re having on people’s mental and physical wellbeing is certainly a topic of debate.

Our love for the serenity candles exude, combined with the beautiful therapeutic scent of essential oils inspired us to hand craft these stunning candles. The purity, simplicity and elegance of our aromatic combinations are a luxurious addition to your home, work, or to your daily relaxation ritual. You smell like chocolate… that’s surely a benefit, yes?