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Cacao husks contain Theobromine which is similar to caffeines effect as it give you a natural pick me up but without the crash. Due to this naturally enhanced pick me up it can be enjoyed at any time even right before bed without impacting a restful night sleep.

Our teas are completely sugar free. You can enjoy your cup and experience a subtle yet acute taste of a piece of quality dark chocolate. If traditional chocolate is more to your liking, then you may add a little sweetener of your choice to enhance the chocolate flavour.

We currently source all of our husks from an organic farm in Peru.

To make your tea add 2 teas spoons of husks per cup and let it brew. A brew of 7 to 10 minutes is best. Actually, we advise leaving your husks in your cup. The longer the husks stay in your cup the more flavour and health benefit you receive. Perhaps you can try drinking your tea with one of our tea defuser straws? It is an easy way to drink any loose leaf tea in-fact. Simply add your husks, add boiling water, a sweetener of your choice and milk of your choice. Enjoy whilst drinking though your tea straw.

We suggest using 2 teaspoons per cup, however you can play with your amount to create your perfect desired flavour and of course, depending on your cup size.

All of our unique blends are done locally in Perth by us. We only use the finest source ingredients available.

Essential oils are safe, with added therapeutic health benefits to support you and your loved ones. The essential oils that we use have not been enhanced with fragrances at all! Fragrances on the other hand are extremely toxic with some of the major factors including carcinogens, allergens, respiratory irritants, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxic chemicals and environmental toxicants.

Yes certainly. Anyone can enjoy our delicious tea range. The only exception is our peppermint range. We use a pure distilled therapeutic peppermint oil which may
decrease milk supply. So for nursing mothers and pregnancy, please use some of our other flavours.

Cacao husk tea is known for easing nausea as providing an array of nutrients such as magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc, manganese, sulfur, potassium and iron. Which are all a fantastic support for mommy bear and baby. However, caffeine is not recommended for pregnancy and although Theobromine is very different to caffeine, it holds some similarities to caffeine. We suggest checking in with your physician just to be sure.

Our peppermint tea contains peppermint oil which has been known to decrease the supply of milk in nursing mothers. For pregnancy and breast feeding, please
choose another delicious flavour.

Wooden wick have a subtle flame that does not create as much heat as a cotton wick, which means that we do not over heat the essential oils and destroy them
half way through your candle. They also do not throw a toxic flume like a lot of cotton wicks can.

Yes. We use an eco certified soy wax to ensure no nasties are being realised.

Our cacao body butter is 100% pure organic cacao butter. That’s it!

You simply rub it directly onto the skin. In colder seasons you may need to rub it together in your hands to warm it up first and then apply it directly to the face, body and hair. It also makes a really great beard balm.

Although our body butter looks like a bar of soap, it is not! It is not to be used in the shower, but it is perfect for afterwards when you’re all dried up.

For daily use it will last about 6 weeks. For face/beard use only, it will last 3 to 6 months.