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Is Cacao Husk Tea The Hottest New Trend?

Tea has been quite the trend setter over the years. From the refreshing pro biotic  Kombucha, to the green goodness of Matcha, plus an array of herbal options, tea has resurfaced in light of the phenomenal uptake in preventative health. 

Although these are new trends in the western world, this is health wisdom passed down through generations from ancient cultures. 

We’ve also been spoilt repeatedly with some of the finest chocolate available. More recently we have (thankfully) seen the raw chocolate influx, which has given us an experience of chocolate in a whole new and delicious way. 

Now emerging, into the homes and hearts of the western world, is our beloved cacao husk tea!

Cacao has been used for its healing and therapeutic properties 

dating back to 1500 BC. Mayan and Aztec civilisations associated cacao with the gods. They believed that it enriched and afforded protection during the after life, which gave it a central role in offerings and rituals.

In the 16th century, on return from South America, the Spanish brought cacao to Europe. Within about a hundred years, chocolate established a foothold throughout Europe. Due to them not being able to properly pronounce cacao, the word cocoa was introduced and then came chocolate. The addition of sweetener transformed their experience, and the delicious chocolate that we all know and love today was born. 

Today the cacao industry is worth a whopping $100 billion dollars! With the ever immersing education and awareness of healthier ways to get your chocolate fix, it is estimated to have a $161 billion price tag by 2024. 

Which brings us to the husks!  What are they?

Cacao husks are simply the outer shell of the cacao bean. It has to be removed in order to process the bean (seed) for the production of cacao powder, nibs and chocolate. 

Sadly there wasn’t enough attention given to the husk in the western world and they were discarded in the process from bean to chocolate. 

We are now utilising this important and nutritionally packed husk for the purpose of a tea like beverage. They have finally received the credit they deserve in the western world and are making their way into the hands and homes of people all over the world. You may also hear it being called chocolate tea, cacao husk tea or cocoa husk tea. 

What does it taste like?

Our tea has a wonderful similarity to dark chocolate. You get all the notes of dark chocolate, including the subtle bitterness. If you are a dark chocolate lover, then just adding hot water will be the perfect combination. However, if the more traditional chocolate is to your liking, then just add a little of your favourite sweetener and it will enhance the chocolate flavour. We love honey or maple syrup and to finish, a dash of your favourite milk. This combination makes it taste like a light, healthy hot chocolate. Yum!

Choc Tea Guilt Free! 

What are the benefits of drinking cacao husk tea?

Cacao has the highest plant based source of magnesium! It’s rich in Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Copper and packed full of Anti-Oxidants. Not only do you get all those health benefits, but cacao husk also increases Serotonine (the HAPPY hormone) and contains Theobromine which gives you a natural pick me up!

Our teas are: 

  • Preservative free 
  • Additive free 
  • No Artificial flavours 
  • Vegan friendly 
  • Gluten free 
  • Caffeine free  
  • Sugar free 

If you are a chocolate and tea lover then this just might be the perfect teacup storm for you. It’s a new trend that’s gaining momentum all over the world, and FAST! 

Once you experience the delicious, delicate chocolate flavour of our teas and start to feel the benefits, there’s no turning back!