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Prepare your Cacao Husk Tea

Cacao Husks are unlike normal tea, in that it’s best to have a longer brew. In fact, the longer you steep your Cacao Husk Tea, the more flavour and health benefits you get released into your cup.

To make your delicious tea

  • Add 2 heaped tsp of husks per cup
  • Add boiling water and let it brew. We suggest leaving the husk in your cup.

The best way to drink your tea is with one of our tea infuser straws! It’s a great easy way to drink any loose leaf tea. There’s a link below to check them out.

Simply add your husks, add boiling water and enjoy.

For a guilt free chocolate fix – add some of your favourite sweetener.

We love using honey as it really enhances that chocolate flavour. Then add a dash of your favourite milk to make it taste, and feel,  just like a traditional hot chocolate.

We suggest using organic coconut milk and maple syrup for a vegan friendly option.

Enjoy whilst drinking though your tea infuser straw.