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The Tribal Flame Story

How our travels and health obsessions sparked our mission.

We first met in Perth, Western Australia, and both shared a love and slight obsession for all things super healthy. We’ve both been on a pursuit for optimum health our whole lives, and often struggled to find consciously produced products that gave us sustained energy, a clear conscience and that minimised bodily irritations (whilst wowing all of our senses at the same time).

Always on the lookout for beautiful, healthy alternatives that tick these boxes, we came across an organic farm during our travels in Peru that harvested organic cacao – which is where we were offered some cacao husk tea. Being self-confessed, devout chocoholics and massive lovers of tea, we were blown away by the flavour! Often, we find teas can really fall short in that department, but the taste and way it was made completely inspired us. On returning to Australia we knew we had to share this discovery – it started with the husk tea and we noticed their cacao body butter bars too, another incredible product that’s too good not to share!
And so our mission began… Our mission is to provide super healthy, tasty, non-toxic products that smell amazing, look great and are good for our environment. We help you keep things simple and encourage self-nourishment with every opportunity.

About Us

At Tribal Flame, we are committed to ensuring that our range enhances people’s lives with daily yumminess that’s jam packed full of nutrients for skin, body and home. We wanted to create nourishing, ethical products based on the experiences of our personal journeys through health and life – recognising that truly healthy products embody peace of mind and respect for the planet as well.

Jenny Conroy

I’ve had a deep knowing from a young age that what we put into our bodies matters. Having to manage ongoing food allergies and gut sensitivities, I’ve struggled to get answers and find healthy alternatives that support my body. This has led to constant pain and discomfort and not being able to consume ‘normal’ daily foods. Sustained energy is also of the utmost importance to me having been a vegetarian since I was 8 years old, and has fuelled my quest to find supportive, simple solutions.
After losing my father at the young age of 50 to a sudden heart attack, the pursuit of health became even more important to me. I did endless hours of research on super foods, diet, exercise and what it takes to have a truly healthy life.
After spending years in the beauty and wellness industry helping to build sizeable brands, I became only too aware of the ingredients and processes involved in the production of thousands of products making sweeping and misleading claims largely around youth and preservation of vanity. I decided I wanted to create something that mattered – something that will help support and enlighten others while offering irresistible alternatives to a healthier, more conscious, planet saving life.

Jeremy Jones

I’ve always been heavily involved in sports, and health and fitness has always been a massive passion for me too. Over the years, I discovered that we, as trusting consumers, are constantly fed a lot of misinformation – it’s hard to keep up with the fabrications, over-hyped claims and constant stream of new ‘fads’ that are supposedly the “best new miracle shortcut to optimal health”.
I’ve been able to see through this and have always searched for the truth – consistently I’ve found simpler options are best. My passion is that people need to know that the mainstream ‘food pyramid’ schooling on health is flawed, as it’s driven by profits and not our health.
Our travels have inspired me in many ways, and really connected me with the simplicity and abundance of our earth. Jenny and I saw so much wisdom in how our tribal ancestors lived off the land and had the utmost care and respect for nature. So, my life has taken an unexpected turn by stripping everything right back to basics – how I live, how I eat and what I drink. I grow micro-greens, brew kombucha, keep bee hives and chickens, support local and eat organic where possible. I get such a kick out of being self-sufficient – it makes me proud and yet humble to live off the land, be more resourceful and to support growers and farming communities in their quest to preserve the planet. Optimum health is just the cherry on top!